The Scribble: Worth a Closer Look

The classic scribble:

The lonely scribble:

The multi-crayon scribble:

The scribble scribe:

The abstract scribble:

The portal scribble:

All scribble jokes aside, these are (just a few) of the scribbles I discovered while looking through kindergarten writing folders on week two of writing workshop. 

Following frequent sessions of interactive writing, demonstrations of drawing clear pictures, and handwriting practice, it can feel discouraging to see children scribbling during writing workshop. In the absence of representational drawings, it’s important to remember what is there: 

  • understanding that writing is made up of print on pages.
  • completion of writing on every page.
  • growing stamina for writing independently.
  • exploration of straight and curvy lines.
  • strengthening of fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination.
  • development of meaning-making.

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