How to Send Student Writing Home With Intent

“Can we bring our books home?” is heard nearly every day since the beginning of the school year. “Not yet,” we respond, explaining (because of course they will ask, Why?) that writers hold onto their writing in a special place so they can come back to books and revise and to notice how writing grows. 

As the unit of study comes to a close, folders are brimming with books. Writers page through each book carefully, admiring treasured work, selecting favorites to publish, and finally gathering the rest to bring home.

In the same moment, these thoughts may run through our minds:

Will the books make it all the way home?

What will caretakers think about their child’s writing?

What will they SAY to their child about their writing?

What will families do with all of those books?

With three added steps to the process, kids can be much more excited to bring writing home, teachers can feel more confident with families receiving student work, and families can feel more prepared to engage with their children about their writing.

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