Doing vs. Being: A Mindshift for Quarantine and Beyond

36 hours. 36 hours until we would say goodbye to the kids and classroom until…we weren’t sure when. We still aren’t sure.

My co-teacher, Madeleine, and I made a list. That’s how we cope with insurmountable tasks: we make lists.

Madeleine collated take-home work in an assembly line across the rug. I photocopied books for writing. 10 books x 27 kids…that’s a lot of paper. Just press “Start.

Time for the kids to go. Bags packed, more full than usual. Each departure felt like a limb being tugged away from me. 

Another list. 

We filled our bags with curriculum, readalouds, chart paper, markers, and writing paper. Agent Santiago began the evening walkthrough — all smiles, as usual. Hurry, the building closes at 6:00. 

Oh, no. The plants. The pets. What are we forgetting?

Another list. 

We dropped off our bags and went to the grocery store. Don’t touch your face!

20 days later and the rhythm of lists — the rhythm of doing — hasn’t stopped. Perhaps it has been the pace of life for much longer. I feel it now, more than ever.

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