Do the Most Good and the Least Harm During Remote Instruction

In one of the first COVID-19-related updates for families, Brooke Peters and Todd Sutler, co-leaders of my school in Brooklyn, wrote: 

Nine weeks later, “most good, least harm” has been my lifeboat, words to hang on to as I navigate personal and professional waters.

I asked Brooke, as well as Stephanie Penberthy, our school social worker, to help think about practices that do the most good and the least harm when it comes to communication with caregivers, virtual meetings, and remote writing instruction. 

Before sharing, know that my colleagues and I continue to have more questions than answers. We habitually read the feedback (formal and observational) and adjust, better aligning the work with our beliefs and purposes as progressive educators. 

Remote instruction at our school has evolved several times already based on what we are learning, and we imagine it will continue to do so the longer we must teach this way. As we tunnel deeper and deeper toward our roots, we are committed to resurfacing stronger.

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