One Voice, Many Languages

“Read it again!” After reading Wake Up Slotha favorite read aloud of mine for launching activism writing projects, we brainstormed problems in the world that mattered to us, changes we hoped to see. Eva, a kindergartner whose story takes her from Venezuela, to Brazil, Miami, and finally, NYC, shared that she is concerned about her family members who are suffering in Venezuela. As kids hurried off the rug, fueled with power to write for change, I knew it would be an important day to confer with Eva.

As a writer, Eva meticulously crafts books with clear pictures and readable writing. She has a firm grasp on spelling, conventions, and genre. My sessions with Eva are typically rooted in elaboration, knowing there are more words to be told inside her, missing from the pages.

“Eva, it sounds like you’ve found a topic that’s important to you. The stories you shared about your family in Venezuela should be told, so people know and can help.”

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