A Breakthrough in Poetry: How to Bring Playfulness to Every Genre

As kindergartners trickled back into the classroom after lunch, they noticed watercolor paint and their published-poems-in-progress lining the tables.  

Normally, the sight of a project like this gives way to oohing and ahhing, but today a different feeling spread across the room.

“Does this mean we’re finished with poetry?” Ryer asked, his voice a mix of concern and sadness.  

Kids let out a collective, “Awwwww.”

“It seems like this is something important our community should meet about,” I replied, inviting kids to the rug. “Even though we are publishing our poems, we don’t ever have to be done with poetry. I’m wondering, what is it about poetry that you love so much?”

Kids hurried to put their thumbs on their knees, a signal that they’d like to begin the grand conversation.  

Tip:  I often use an app to record conversations. I use the transcription to communicate with families and as a tool to notice patterns and engagement. For this conversation, I tried a free app, Temi, which sends a transcription of the audio in minutes. 

Here’s what they said.

Their words played over and over in my head.

“There are no rules in poetry.”

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